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Albert Whitted Airport

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8/22/2018:  I just got my first notification that Albert Whitted Airport may be haunted.  

Interview:  Museum of History, St. Petersburg:  Albert Witted was an avid flyer and trained pilots for flight during the World War I period. After the war, he lived in Pensacola, Florida.  It was during a flight he piloted that he had massive damage to his airplane (possibly, a propeller fell off).  The plane crashed, killing all aboard.  

From an email: "We like to joke that his ghost wanders the airfield, especially since the terminal doors open and close at will sometimes. I take it more seriously than the others do, though. I think he loved aviation so much that he returned to the airport that bears his name. He probably resides in Hangar 1 -- which has been around since the 19-teens.....I'm sure that there is spirit activity near Hangar 1, which is also where the original terminal was". 

Email 2:  So I casually asked my coworker, HJ, today if he has had any reason to think Whitted is occupied with spirits...He said believes there are. HJ has worked here for 15+ years and his dad did, too, before he died of a heart attack after working here for 30 years! HJ told me one morning around 6am he and another worker were setting up for the day and they both heard a woman's whispery voice, very faintly, saying "hello"...Thing is, the terminal wasn't open yet and no one else was in there...

Update 9/19/18:  Have had some interesting incidents the last few if the energy is ramping up here, somehow. Just 1/2 hour ago, my 2 coworkers and I were talking in the lobby when we heard something in the back room - We thought it was the boss coming in, but, something knocked over a rack of umbrellas... No one there to do it, either. Weird 🙂

CALL FOR INFORMATION:  Does anyone have anything that they can add to this?  Stories?  History?  Information?