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New Tampa
November 17, 2021

​Initial reports:  

Current homeowners are the third set of owners; the house was competed around 2017.  
First owner was an investment buyer.  Second rented the property to four families, but people were unhappy when he wanted to make it an air B&B.  He sold the property to the current home owners. 

Family is India and follow Shiva as their deity.  The do have a family alter in the home.  One of the statues of Ganesh has moved in one room, but the rest of the images are unaffected.  Home owner brought alter into the main part of the house to allow Shiva's protection. 

Reports start in July.  Family acquired a small dog (about 5 - 10 pounds fully grown) and shortly thereafter activity started.  Wanted to know if the dog could have brough activity.  They are hosting the dog for a year while its family is out of the country.  His owners adopted the dog from a shelter when he was 1 year old.  

Canine was well behaved and adorable.  Made little noise.  Family has a duaghter who is most attached to the dog.  Activity seems to go around the daughter; older son is not impacted. 

Parents have been home when activity happens with both children, the daughter, no children, and activity has happened when no one was home.  At one point, they called police to check into the site when heavy chairs were found lying on the floor.  Over a period of time, only one chair was down, then two, then all three. 

Other items include the balls from the pool table which were found on the ground, items in the bathroom that were found placed on the floor, and the like.  

Marina did sense an unusual energy in the daughter's room when we came through. 
Veva:  SLS picked up the fans upstairs (explainable) and a singular stick figure downstairs.  As this did not interact with us at all, it is likely finding an imperfection in the wall. 

On the  daughter's bed, we kept getting odd readings indicating a wire running through the bed. Checked bed, walls, equipment, blanket, and floor.  Not sure why we got the readings indicating active electrical wires from the bed.  

Energy shifted from daughter's old room to her new room.  Daughter reported to have no fear of activity. 

Post investigation follow up:  For the past 3 weeks, there has been no activity.    We will check in again at 5 and 7 weeks post investigation. Home owner did have an insight to the drumming sound:  It is possible that the family deity, Shiva, is communicating with them.  Shiva is the drumming god as he is associated with dance, meditation, teaching, and ghosts.  It is Shiva who rids locations of ghosts.  Perhaps the drumming sounds are actually Shiva's communication to the family that he is aiding them to rid the house of unwanted visitors. 

Diagnosis: Our best estimate is that when the home owner stood up to the activity, telling it to leave them alone, that she started to dispell the energy. It seems to be a residue, and one that is weaking/dispersing and or gone.
Did you live here...?  A:  No
Are you attached to the man?  A:  No
Are you the one making things move?  A:  No
What year is it where you are?  A:  February 1918 (not sure on that last part)
Did you come with the dog?  A:  No
Are you a woman?  A:  No
Why are you associating with the daughter?  A:  Daughter? 
Heavy drumming sound.  Not sure why this is happening. (Both samples)
Odd reading with energy detector on bed. 
SLS figure; unexplained.
Additional Research:  Upon speaking with the home owner, she suggested that the drumming sounds may be related to Shiva, who is also the drummer (also the god associated with drumming and dance).  His drum is a damaru which he plays to create and destroy energy.   Home owner thought that the drumming sounds might be that of (or a symbol from) Shiva, especially since he is the family deity and the god who removes ghosts.  

​Thoughts that might correlate:  

Shiva is associated with the drum
In the Bhagavad Gita, there is a great war.  Drums (kettle drums) would have been used.  
Galloping sounds:  Shiva's vehicle is Ananda the Bull.  Also, the Gita has horse drawn chariots.

We also spoke with a person who is a practicing Hindu; he came up with the same examples and told us more about the drums of India.  He also suggested that the pluralistic ideologies of India might be received in the manner in which those getting the information would understand them.  When we first heard the drums, the group equated it with the drumming of the civil war armies.  

While talking with him via Facebook video messenger, Brandy heard static that also sounded like drums.  She was the one who heard it the loudest during the conversation about Shiva and the drums.  One person head nothing at all, and the Hindu practitioner heard some sounds faintly. She did manage to record just a fraction of the sounds with a recorder, though household sounds are in the background (see below). 

For sound reference, here are some sample videos to compare to the clips above. 

Only caught a small snippet of the sound with my recorder.