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May 13, 2021, October 2021
The Melting Pot had long been a site where I wanted to investigate.  I had been to the location multiple times for nearly 20 years, documenting the stories that I heard about the location.  When it closed during the COVID year, I feared that we would never get to investigate the building.  However, when the location was purchased by a new owner and articles were put up online, I started to post inquiries into the legend of the haunting.  The business owner reached back out to us and invited us to do a paranormal investigation.  And thus the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg were finally able to check off a long term investigation goal on May 13, 2021.

Prior research:

A reporter came with us and a summation of the investigation can be found through her article, as well as prior archived research for the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg quest.

The Tampa Bay Times article is here:
Earl Gresh wood purse (original), postcards depicting the building through time, and an SLS camera snapshot.
Recheck October 2021