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Suntan Art Center Pre-Check and World's Largest Ghost Hunt
Sept. 18, 2021
The Suntan Art Center has a remarkable and long history.  The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg has checked the venue in the past, but it was time for a review with the upcoming World's Largest Ghost Hunt 2021.

We arrived at 5:30 and the event lasted until 7:45.  We had our Paranormal Pug, Patroclus, with us.  Phenomena started right away:

  • Carissa sensed a female spirit above us when we first entered.  She sensed disapproval from the female spirit, but it was not necessarily at us.  
  • Marina sensed a frantic energy coming from the front room of the first floor.  
  • Patroclus followed something in the hallway, stopping to stare at the men's room. (This meets with a prior experience where the downstairs entity dodges out of the way of investigators and hides in various parts of the hallway). 
  • Stick figure showed up on SLS kinetics camera upstairs. 
  • Female presence sensed upstairs.
  • A male/female energy sensed in classroom C.
  • Patroclus stared outside of the room; Brandy saw movement out of the corner of her eye (a person walking past the door).  At the same time, Carissa said that the entity was outside the room near the stairwell.
  • Carissa felt that someone walked into Classroom C.
  • We heard pops, the sounds of a door slamming, and other unusual noises.
  • At the end, Patroclus was staring  down the stairwell.  Marina walked down the stairwell and felt that someone walked into/past her on the stairwell.
Sound Files: 
Don't do it
Whistle (similar to sound caught in 2016)
Female:  Mmmmmhhhhmmmm.
Who's That?
The Main Event:  World's Largest Ghost Hunt 2021
Official Video from the event
"...stay out of the way...."
EVP:  Yeah.
Via Spirit box: 
Kristi (or crazy) -- three different times.
Three distinct times:  Kristi (the name of one of our investigators)