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World's Largest Ghost Hunt 

Sept. 28, 2019

​Case information:  This is a continuation of study from the WLGH 2018.  This year, activity happened in certain areas of the building, but also overlapped with multiple prior investigations in the area. 

Hot spots:  This year, the areas of activity were by the PO boxes on the first floor, the red door on the second floor, and the kitchen area.  Each had been pegged before by prior groups. 

As with last year, there was activity in the first floor bathrooms.  Both were locked (2018 an 2019) so people could not go in there.  However, last year the group reported hearing the sound of a hand dryer going off (reasons unknown).  This year, the group reported hearing knocking coming from the men's room (reason unknown). 

Mezzanine:  People reported feeling dizzy, getting odd energy readings, and  the feeling of pressure on the chest.  As with last year, a couple pointed out what they felt were areas of activity (doors on the mezzanine).  The one selected was the same as last year and has recently been under the process of renovation.  Heavy equipment was removed and the space will be used for a new art studio.

PO Boxes:  Like last year, multiple groups reported feeling extreme heat and energy in the area (and along the wall) where the PO boxes are on the first floor.  We did multiple rechecks down there.  People reported feeling sensations on their arms (last year, I had the sensation of energy pulled from my hands).  Some felt touched, some felt pain, some felt tingling.  We tried, again, to determine who this might be.  We did ask if it was a security guard (no response) or a janitor (one sensitive felt that it was). 

Red Doors/Kitchen:  This appeared to be the same entity -- a strong willed woman.  In the kitchen area, we actually had a temperature drop by the table.  People reported feeling cool and it was recorded on the IR thermometer.  One person felt someone come up behind her and say "move".

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This map was found showing the blueprints of the original first floor when it was still a department store.  

Post investigation (10/2): I just did a quick interview with one of the artists here. She said that she had shopped here in the 1970s when it was still a store. The first floor was men's and the second floor was women's. The offices were on the mezzanine (which explains why last year several people cited the offices as sounding as if there was typing going on behind the doors). In addition to that, the top management would stand out on the mezzanine and watch over the employees. There was also a certain standard of dress that had to be approved for the time. She also cited that she had resided in both of the original studios by the red door. She said that she smudged both of them because there was a negative energy there, though it could have been left by a prior artist. The questions on security or an assistant/female presence didn't click with her.
Some of the images from the night, with an emphasis on the major "hits" we had.
We started the event with a Thriller Dance by Thrill St. Pete.  They are raising money for the Mr. Strong foundation, which helps disabled children get needed therapy.
Not an EVP, but my (Brandy) EMF meter spiked when I asked who else was there -- my Dad?
10/2/2019:  We did recheck the first floor men's room to see what might account for the "knock knock knock" on the EVP above.
I was downstairs on the ground floor. I was recording the whole time. Nicole, Kristina and John were with me. Nicole knocked on the locked bathroom door. I don't know if it was the Men's or Ladies room, the one that is to the right of the drinking fountain, close to the stairs. Nicole knocked 4 times. About 1 second after she knocked, they heard a voice say knock knock knock. I did not hear it at the time, but they did. I heard it when I played back my recording. They thought it came from the other side of the wall. I don't think it was anyone from upstairs, I would have heard that. And we did not say anything. I think I captured an EVP. Thanks to Nicole for knocking on the bathroom door. We did check, it was locked.Thanks, JayAnn (Jay)