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ArtLofts, Continuing documentation

Submitted 12/5/19 by Lora:

Lisa Marie mentioned to me there was an energy in the stairwell past the kitchen and I was instantly intrigued and wanted to check it out. As we proceeded through the threshold of the kitchen into another, smaller hallway, I could instantly feel the energy shift begin to feel heavier. As we went and opened the door to the stairwell, it continued to be another energy change, yet again becoming heavier just at the top portion of the stairs where we stood. Lisa informed me of the entity that was at the bottom of the staircase did not like her or anyone being in the stairwell. I proceeded to descend the stairs with my own curiosity but I was also compelled out of concern for the entity. It was a young female energy that I picked up on and i sensed great confusion and disdain for outsiders not understanding her pain. I reached the bottom of the stairs where it felt the heaviest, it felt as if that was a hiding space for her, her retreat away from people. She just felt so misunderstood that she didn't want anyone around. I got a few mental impressions of severe abuse having been inflicted on the young girl and another image of drowning but I'm unclear as to whether someone tried to drown her or if she potentially drowned herself to escape her abuser. I tried to have my spirit guide be there to offer the girl comfort and support, to help ease her pain but since I was only down there for a few moments longer I'm not sure if it was helpful or not. I ascended the stairs and with each step the energy became lighter and lighter as we continued to exit away from the stairwell. It was definitely an intriguing experience. 

I have noted chills when I am in the back office (no air drafts in there and no air vents).  Took Pandora and she was fine in there.  

​In January, I switched studios moving from 202 to 208.  During the moving process, I had two instances in which I was packing art for the move and felt incredibly sad.  This was odd because it seemed to be an external sadness (though it could be an element of my own mind.  I was sad to leave my first studio but relieved to move to the second). 

The move was completed in January and we hosted Valentween in February.  In March, the CV-19 pandemic hit.  Art Walks were cancelled for March and April.  The building was closed to the public.  However, artists still had access to their studios.  I did go in several times with equipment to see if any of our friendly ghosts were there.  There was no response.  

Finally, April 10, I went to the studio with Donna.  She had come to pick up a work from Valentween and to create a video for the upcoming virtual art show, Stitch Erotica.  Due to the governmental mandate, the building remained locked.  When we arrived, I unlocked the door, turned on the lights, locked the door, and we went upstairs.  The studios were locked and shut down (I had to turn on the lights and unlock the outer door).  We went back to my studio.  Donna did her video and was taking pictures of the art show.  I was sitting at the desk facing the doorway (sitting slightly to the side).  To my surprise, I heard what sounded like a distant conversation -- the sound of a conversation or words being said but too far away to clearly hear what was being said.  I had turned on an air circulating machine in the studio and wondered if that was somehow creating the noise I heard.  I bent over to turn it off.  At that moment, Donna turned around to look at me.  I told her that I thought I heard someone talking.  She frowned and told me that she heard footsteps.  

We walked through the building together (in case there was someone there).  We found no one.  We did do a facebook live to document what happened, and then added two videos attempting to replicate the sound of the footsteps. 

This took place around 8:30 at night.  We did leave right after making the videos below. 
May 11, 2020:

The SPIRITS meeting had only two people present due to Covid-19 precautions.   I did bring Patroclus with me and he almost immediately started to pay attention to something outside the studio.  He barked and stared.  We opted to walk through the building as Kristi heard a noise (a thunk) and I heard a swishing/rustling sound.  We did not find anyone else in the building, but Patroclus continued to stare down the hall/area outside the door.  When Kristi left and I was working on my studio, Patroclus did not want to sit inside.  He preferred to sit in the main hallway (about 6 feet from me). We did do a FB live to record the event:

May 15:  Stopped by the building briefly after a paranormal investigation in another building DT  Two fellow investigators were preparing to leave St. Pete and needed to use the restroom so we stopped briefly at the studio so that they could use the restroom.  One sensed a female spirit almost immediately, including feeling something in the bathroom.  They also sensed some sort of argument had taken place on the stairwell heading to the side door.  This included the sensation of being pushed into a wall and punched in the stomach.