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Meet the Members

Call me “V”
Paranormal investigator/Review Tech

As a kid, I experienced odd things, but discarded them as normal only to realize much later these were possible paranormal events. I didn’t start investigating until about 1998. I joined up with Brandy and the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg after the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in 2019. My favorite part of investigating is the review portion. I have always had sensitive hearing so when I review audio I can hear things that some might not. Now that I have great software I am able to share these EVP’s with others. I do believe in spirits, however, I approach all evidence as a skeptic. My rule of thumb is to make sure that the anomaly we find isn’t caused by something we take for granted (people, animals, bugs, electrical..) or current atmospheric conditions.


I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child due to experiences I had. I've been actively investigating since 2008 and have traveled to several haunted sites in Florida as well as other states. Friends joke that I'm a "ghost magnet" because there seems to be activity wherever I go, including theme parks! I rely mostly on my senses when investigating, but also use voice recorders, EMF detectors, and dousing rods. ​


I was born and raised in Ohio. I became interested in the paranormal when I heard an unexplained crying while at her job. I started investigating for the adrenaline rush, but now I'm interested in trying to find out more: why do they stay, what are they. I've spent the past 10 years investigating on and off and have recently begun to explore my sensitivity.

Tech/Research-Paranormal Investigation.

I started investigating in 2019 when I attended the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt, at Art Lofts in St. Pete. That is when I got my first EVP. That EVP confirmed for me that we could indeed communicate with SPIRITS. I already believed that they existed because of several experiences that I’ve had.  The reason that I do this is because I have so many questions, about the existence of Spirits and the afterlife. I need answers and the only ones that can answer me to my satisfaction, are the spirits themselves. And I have a lot of questions.

Brandy Stark 
Coordinator/Founding Member

I started the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg in 1997, when I first started my academic research into the role of the liminal. I took this research to conferences, eventually expanding into studying the lore and legends of Tampa Bay. I did talks in the local community and met other individuals curious about the supernatural. I officially founded the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg paranormal investigation team in 2000, and it remains an active group today. In addition to investigations, I lead ghost tours for Shadows in the Sunshine and Paradise Tours.  I wrote the book, Supernatural St. Petersburg and Paranormal Pinellas,  revising it for its latest release in 2021.  I also host Paranormal Pets on