Brandy Stark wrote an article about haunted St. Pete for Check it out here:

This month's new Paranormal Pets Episode:  (December)  :  Caught In The Act:  An interview with a woman who captured a ghostly interaction with her still living dog on video.


GHOST TOURS: There are two versions of the Shadows in the Sunshine ghost tours.  This is a walking tour (see video) averaging around 2 - 9 people for $18 pp.  Both tours are led by seasoned paranormal investigator and SPIRITS founder, Brandy Stark. THe walking tour has several instructional stops in how to do paranormal investigation in areas where we've gotten activity.  See if the ghosts interact with you!  TIMES:  These tours are set up as needed (Saturday - Thursday; start times have some flexibility based on need).  Location: We start outside of Florida Craftart at 501 Central Ave. North.  Wear comfortable shoes; masks are no longer required. Plan for 1.5 hours (on average).  BUS TOURS  are starting again July 2021. Tours are Friday nights, 7 PM, and we need a minimum of 8 people (cap at 14) to go. Contact via email (, phone (727-417-8036) or go to our Shadows in the Sunshine Facebook page.  Please try to give at least 24 hour lead time.

The Little Free Library of Supernatural Stuff is revamped and outside of the red doors of ArtLofts (10 5th Street North). Take a book or leave a book -- but supernatural, metaphysical, and paranormal stuff only!

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Mission Statement:  The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg works to create a reasonable and compassionate view of the supernatural world by integrating ideas and academic discussions of symbolism, cultural interpretation, and respect for others (dead or living). We utilize a philosophy that the investigator is the research instrument on paranormal cases, that history aids in validating phenomena, and work within the appropriate boundaries of stated rules, laws, and regulations. We work to promote an honest assessment of the situation and to offer advice and assistance to those in need.
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Upcoming:   January 8 ad 9:   Brandy Stark will be doing a panel at the upcoming first annual Saint Petersburg Comic Con at the rumored-to-be-haunted Coliseum! Check it out here!

Paranormal Investigation 101:  Jan. 29, Suntan Art Center, 300 Beach Drive, St. Pete Beach.  6 PM to 8:30 PM.  $25 per person, with some of the income supporting the Suntan Art Center.  Have you watched the TV shows on the paranormal and wondered how much ofit is real?  Do you want to learn some of the techniques of the field -- while in a haunted building?  Then sign up for our event here!

​Valentween is coming in February!  Get ready!