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It is HAPPENING, people, this is HAPPENING! Space will be limited to 15 people and tickets are $20. The event will include a ghost hunting 101, space to do research, investigate, and review data. The location: Art Lofts in downtown St. Petersburg (10 5th Street North, off of Central Ave and 5th Street and above Florida Craftart). Housed in the Rutledge Department Store building built in 1916, funds raised from the event will go to the building preservation fund. Want to know more?  Here's our event and ticket purchase page!

This month, we will focus on researching Art Lofts in preparation for the big day!  Sept. 5:  Archival research on the Rultand family and building.  Sept. 7:  Walk through.  Sept. 8:  Personal interviews.....

Upcoming event: Brandy Stark is a guest on a new show coming from called Share Your Scare! Filming is finished so keep an eye out for it under Amazon Prime's Hallowe'en Shows, coming in October!

If you missed it, here is the Dead Files episode from Pinellas Park!  Brandy Stark is the local historian (check out that blue hair!)

Upcoming Presentations: 
October 17:  Invited speaker for the Yacht Club (St. Petersburg)
October 19 - 21:  Necronomicon
October 30:  Supernatural Saint Petersburg at the American Stage, St. Petersburg. 6 - 7:30

My Little Library of Supernatural Stuff:
The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg is also pleased to announce the creation of a Little Library of Supernatural Stuff!  The library is in Brandy Stark's art studio, Studio 202 in Art Lofts!  

Help us with our research.  Have you heard anything about these sites?  Stories to tell?  Photos to add?  Send them in!

7/24/18:  New page started  Virgin Mary of Clearwater

8/22/18:  New page started Albert Whitted Airport​

Valentwe'en 2019: This will be held on Feb. 19, 2019, and co-insides with the full moon. Recap of Valentwe'en 2018!
Valentwe'en Facebook page:
Valentween website:

​Recommended upcoming events: These are a few events around town that meet with spooky approval.  

September 21: Capital Theater in Clearwater is playing Here Come the Mummies. It's a rock band that I've not heard of, but who can't love that name? PH: 727-791-7400

Sept. 28 - Nov. 2: Haunted Planetary Show:  St. Petersburg College.  Recommended for children 8 or older. The entire planetarium will be infested with ghosts, zombies, and other creepy creatures!  Legends of the Fall shows are Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26 and November 2.

November 25: The Grammy Award rock band, Ghost, will be playing at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. PH: 727-823-7529

On-going updates: 

SPIRITS Rock theme:  "Back to Ghoul School!" Find a rock, then please post it, keep it or rehide it but please post a picture (via hashtag if desired) to our SPIRITS ROCK FB page!

Moon and astronomy:  September's Full moon is the Harvest Moon on September 24.  It's just a few days shy of the World's Greatest Ghost Hunt!

Paranormal Pets at   Keeping with the summer theme of Haunted Italy (especially Rome), this podcast is about Pets and Saints!

Our book, Shadows in the Sunshine, is available now!  It combines the booklets from Patty and Friends (with new research, history, and ghostly happenings), the Suntan Art Center (ditto), and adds in one more haunted site.  This little gem is up on Kindle, for sale through Amazon, and available in person .  We're getting ready to revise and add more for 2018 so Check out Shadows in the Sunshine book and ebook editions!