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HAPPY 2019!  From Us and Ours to You and Yours: Have a safe, prosperous and happy New Year!

This month we are getting ready for Valentwe'en 2019!  

Paranormal Pets Podcast feature:  Interview with Arin Greenwood, author of "Your Robot Dog Will Die"

Updated (archives):  Weeping Icons (second trip to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in December)

Upcoming event: Brandy Stark is a guest on a new show coming from called Share Your Scare! Filming is finished so keep an eye out for it under Amazon Prime's Hallowe'en Shows, coming in January!

My Little Library of Supernatural Stuff:
The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg is also pleased to announce the creation of a Little Library of Supernatural Stuff!  The library is in Brandy Stark's art studio, Studio 202 in Art Lofts!  

Help us with our research.  Have you heard anything about these sites?  Stories to tell?  Photos to add?  Send them in!

7/24/18:  New page started  Virgin Mary of Clearwater

On-going updates: ​

Valentwe'en 2019: This will be held on Feb. 19, 2019.  Valentwe'en Facebook page:  To date, it looks like there will be a Valentween art show hosted at the haunted Art Lofts and judged by Dr. Paul Bearer II!

SPIRITS Rock theme:  Ghost Rocks ROCK!  December features the Holiday Spirit (get it?) If you find a SPIRITS Rock rock keep it or rehide it but please post a picture (via hashtag if desired) to our SPIRITS ROCK FB page!

Moon and astronomy:  January is going to bring some big energies.  It's a FULL WOLF MOON *AND* a BLOOD Moon (last until 2021).  Date:  Jan. 20.  To find out more go here!
It's back -- newer, bigger and better: The official SPIRITS of St. Petersburg book is back! Check out the new name: Supernatural St. Petersburg and Paranormal Pinellas: The Lesser-Known Haunts of West Central Florida.  St. Petersburg is the Sunshine City, but even here there are shadows. Everyone knows the legends of the Vinoy, the Don Cesar, and Tampa Theater. But what about those lesser-known haunted historical places in the bay area? Within these pages are the stories of a mysterious lady in red, a frantic hotel manager and an eccentric business magnate...and they want to meet you. Come with us to learn about the dark side of Florida as we explore Supernatural St. Petersburg and Paranormal Pinellas. Updated chapters, professionally edited, new cover, additional research and a NEW chapter added, this can be yours for $5 in person, $2.99 on Kindle/$4.99 Amazon paperback (click here). (It's how we support the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg to keep us going! Please show a little Hallowe'en love for your local team and get a copy today!)
Feb. 9, 5 - 9 PM:  Art Lofts/Second Saturday Art Walk:  Come and meet Dr. Paul Bearer, guest judge and MC for this year's event!  Event Information HERE!

Feb. 16:  7 - 9 PM:  Ghost Hunting 101 and a tour of the haunted Art Lofts building!  $20 and tickets are sold through Eventbrite..