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Welcome to the dog days of summer (whew!)

Since it is summer, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg did some work-related travel to Rome and Florence.  We got a few more ghost stories so we're going abroad to feature Haunted Italy!  This page has been made over a period of years so the oldest entries are at the top and the brand spanking new entries are toward the bottom of the page.  ENJOY! 

Note:  As it is summer break coming up, this might be the feature for July and August.  If you see the same entry, we're not dead (yet)....just recovering from a hectic schedule and enjoying a bit of earned time off. Enjoy your 4th of July!

If you want a little bit of fun summer reading, check out our newest book review on the Jackaby series here!  This four book collection features multiple paranormal plots that weave into a near world-ending collision.  Wonderful series and highly HIGHLY recommended!  

​7/13/18: I-4 named worst interstate in the United States. It's haunted, too!: Haunted I-4

Recommended upcoming events: These are a few events around town that meet with spooky approval.  

September 21: Capital Theater in Clearwater is playing Here Come the Mummies. It's a rock band that I've not heard of, but who can't love that name? PH: 727-791-7400

October 29: Buffyfest: The Florida Bjorkestra is back. Actor Nicholas Brenon ("Xander") will be in attendance at the Palladium Theater, St. Pete. PH: 727-822-3590

November 25: The Grammy Award rock band, Ghost, will be play8ijg at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. PH: 727-823-7529

Upcoming for SPIRITS of St. Petersburg:
Brandy Stark will be on an episode (Season 10, episode 13) of "Dead Files" found on the Travel Channel.  She will be on as a local historian.  The episode should air later this year --anytime now (from summer until fall 2018). 

September 28, 2018: International Day of Ghost Hunting. We are signed up to participate as the event is designed to benefit historic preservation. We are hopeful to raise money and awareness for Preserve the Burg but are currently looking for a place to investigate. The Sept. 28th event will be a ticket-purchase fundraiser with all money going to historic preservation. Ghost investigation is 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. More as we get this organized and scheduled!

Valentwe'en 2019: This will be held on Feb. 19, 2019, and co-insides with the full moon. Recap of Valentwe'en 2018!
 Valentwe'en Facebook page:
Valentween website:

On-going updates: 

SPIRITS Rock theme:  "It's hot enough to make the dead sweat" and "Dog days of summer"!  Find a rock, then please post it, keep it or rehide it but please post a picture (via hashtag if desired) to our FB page!

Moon and astronomy:  July features a full lunar eclipse on the full moon of July 27, (The Full Buck Moon).  August has a watery compatriot with the Full Sturgeon moon on August 26.

Paranormal Pets at   Keeping with the summer theme of Haunted Italy (especially Rome), this podcast is about Pets and Saints!

Our book, Shadows in the Sunshine, is available now!  It combines the booklets from Patty and Friends (with new research, history, and ghostly happenings), the Suntan Art Center (ditto), and adds in one more haunted site.  This little gem is up on Kindle, for sale through Amazon, and available in person for the Oct. 21 and Oct. 25 tours.  I'll also have my copies at Necronomicon 2017.  Check out Shadows in the Sunshine book and ebook editions!