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Full moon: Learn about this month's FULL BEAVER MOON (I'm not making that up, folks) on November 4. This moon will be close to the earth so get ready for a bit of extra lunar energy!

Podcasts:  Paranormal Pets at  Check out our archives with over 80 prior episodes available and free to listen to. May the 4th be with you! And, just in case it IS -- here's the latest Paranormal Pets podcast for November:  Japanese Racoon Dogs!

SPIRITS Rock:  The rock craze has taken hold.  Keep an eye out -- SPIRITS Rock rocks are out and about.  If you find one, please post to any of the SPIRITS FB pages (we do have a SPIRITS Rock page here) or email an image of it to us.    Rock on!

Can't get enough of the supernatural?  Check out these pages from St. Petersburg Paranormal Investigation: 

Tuesday, Feb. 13:  Valentwe'en 2018.  Stay tuned, or follow along at the Valentwe'en Facebook page! 

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What a month!  Now that Hallowmas is over, it's time to start ramping things up again.  For November, I discovered a piece of information missing from the site.  This month, a SPIRITS of St. Petersburg FAQ has been added.  Please check it out -- tell us if you agree or disagree, of if there is anything that you think that we should add!

A Halloween article on paranormal pets did get published. I think my part picks up in slide 3 on. (Pugs aren't dogs, though.  They are people!)  

HAUNTED HERCULANEUM!   My article (on is about a brief encounter I had in Herculaneum (Italy). I loved that trip. Sure, they lost my luggage and it was winter and there was no heat in the room....but the ghosts. Ah, the ghosts

Shadows in the Sunshine, our new book, is out!  It combines the booklets from Patty and Friends (with new research, history, and ghostly happenings), the Suntan Art Center (ditto), and adds in one more haunted site.  This little gem is up on Kindle, for sale through Amazon, and available in person for the Oct. 21 and Oct. 25 tours.  I'll also have my copies at Necronomicon 2017.  Check out Shadows in the Sunshine book and ebook editions!